Taylore Passero standing infront of a flower mural painted on a brick wall
Translating her women’s health expertise into fun, informative social media, Taylore Passero ’16 has attracted a dedicated (and growing) following worldwide.

A little knowledge, even that gleaned from a 60-second video online, can help women and girls become more educated about their bodies and lead healthier lives.

Taylore Passero ’16 proves it, with every post to her disarming and educational TikTok channel @gyno_girls.

Answering questions and offering tips about sometimes sensitive issues for women, including pregnancy, STIs, endometriosis, proper use of hygiene products, and others, Passero receives feedback—and thousands of likes and comments from all over the world.

Ideas for her popular posts are often inspired by Passero’s work as a physician assistant at an OB/GYN and women’s health center in Western New York.

“My main goal is to use education to break down stigmas associated with women’s health,” said Passero. “In the process, women are inspired to not feel embarrassed or awkward about issues that affect their well-being.”

Less than a year after her first post on Tiktok, Passero has attracted more than 750,000 followers and 9.3 million likes, with many clips attracting more than a million views.

“The reach of these videos shows there’s a real need,” said Passero.

Pursuing Her Calling

From an early age, Passero was interested in the workings of the human body and volunteered at hospitals and nursing homes as a teenager growing up in Buffalo.

“I loved going to the doctor’s office and getting my wellness checkups,” she said. “I always wanted to work in the medical field.”

Her interest in the health sciences came into sharp focus a week before she turned 18, when her mother was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.

“The team of nurses, PAs, and doctors who took care of her inspired me to follow my own dreams in health care,” said Passero.

Electing to attend college locally, to help care for her mother (who is in good health), Passero found a fit with Daemen’s PA program—after helping to dissect a cadaver while visiting as a prospective student.

“Daemen helped me find my voice and turn my passion into a profession,” she said.

Recently, Passero expanded her online presence to YouTube and Instagram—and wants to continue to grow her educational offerings and outreach.

“I often hear: ‘Your videos are the health class I never got in school,’” she said. “That tells me I am exactly where I should be.”