Julie Spanich Bradt

Having obtained her bachelor’s of science degree in accounting, Bradt established a successful career in the field, including the founding of Hamburg Accounting & Tax Service, Inc. more than 25 years ago. Currently, Bradt is an enrolled agent (EA) and Certified Financial Planner® (CFP).

Describing her education at Daemen as integral to her professional accomplishments, Bradt attributes where she is today not only to the college’s accounting curriculum, but also to its liberal arts education and lively on-campus atmosphere.

Committed to providing the gift of an affordable education to future Daemen students, Bradt recalls starting college intent on studying accounting—but was uncertain if reaching graduation would be possible financially.

“If not for the generosity of financial aid,” she said, “finishing college would not have come to be.” Bradt wants to be sure current and future students have educational opportunities, as she did, and are not limited by a lack of finances.

The first in her extended family to attend college, Bradt also credits her parents for supporting and encouraging her ambitions—and takes great pride in honoring them with the establishment of the Joseph and Joy Spanich Endowed Scholarship—to be awarded for the first time in the fall of 2021.