An example of the machinery that IMIT will house
At the Todd & Leslie Shatkin Institute for Mobility Innovation & Technology (IMIT), robotic devices and new technology will help patients rehab from a range of injuries and illnesses.

Poised to become the most advanced rehab facility of its kind in Western New York, the Todd & Leslie Shatkin Institute for Mobility Innovation & Technology (IMIT) is slated to open in spring 2022.

The ambitious project took a major step forward with a recent $740,000 gi ft from the Dr. Todd & Leslie Shatkin Philanthropic Fund—news that was announced at a June press conference in Rosary Hall that attracted widespread media attention and support from elected and business officials.

“I know it’s going to change thousands of peoples’ lives,” said Todd Shatkin, at the launch event.

More than $1.8 million has been raised for the Amherst-based facility from a diverse range of foundation and government sources and donors.

“Nothing like this exists in our region today,” said Michael Brogan, dean and senior vice president for academic affairs. “Daemen will be known as a rehab destination— providing hope and results for those who face mobility challenges and limitations.”

An ambitious—and much-needed—initiative

The facility will serve patients of all ages and abilities in making significant, sustained progress and achieve optimal outcomes—from those in acute recovery to elite athletes, college officials shared.

With the technology available at IMIT, clinicians will have unique capabilities to treat patients recovering from conditions such as stroke, concussion, brain and spinal cord injuries, and neurodegenerative diseases.

The facility will feature sophisticated machines available in few U.S. locations—including a robotic exoskeleton system that can move a person’s body through walking and motion cycles, in addition to anti-gravity treadmills and advanced pediatric equipment.

With Daemen faculty expertise in the health sciences, IMIT will also become a key educational, training, and clinical resource for students across the college’s dozens of disciplines.

“This institute embodies the college’s educational and service missions to elevate human dignity and serve our community,” said Laura Edsberg, professor and director of the Natural and Health Sciences Research Center at Daemen. “We’re thrilled to be moving forward.”