Mike and Amanda Brogan with La'Quisha Pompey
Mike and Amanda Brogan with La'Quisha Pompey
Mike and Amanda Brogan with this year's (2011–12) Paiten J. Meyers-Brogan Scholarship recipient, La'Quisha Pompey, at Paiten’s Annual Holiday Remembrance Celebration held December 16, 2011.

Throughout the eighteen months of his life, Paiten J. Meyers-Brogan was embraced by the love of his parents, Amanda Meyers and Michael Brogan, and their extended family and an ever-widening circle of friends. Seven months into Amanda’s pregnancy, she and Michael learned that their baby had hydranencephaly, a rare and ultimately fatal neurological condition. Yet they were determined that his life would be a joy for him and for others, and so it was.

The loss of the family’s beloved baby in February, 2006, was tempered by the kindness of family and friends. Both families will be forever grateful for all the compassion, understanding, and prayers that others provided. Paiten was an angel who wanted so little but gave so much. He gave both families a deep and rich understanding of perseverance, commitment, and love.

Mike Brogan and La'Quisha Pompey
Mike Brogan, Daemen College Vice President of Academic Affairs and La'Quisha Pompey.

In his memory, the Meyers and Brogan families created the Paiten J. Meyers-Brogan Scholarship Fund to benefit Daemen College students who have a physical disability. It is their wish that this gift may lighten the burden borne by others. Each December, family, relatives, and friends gather for an evening of fellowship and celebration, reaffirming the immortality of love and the importance of a single life.

Some stars are fixed in the heavens, their light ever visible at a single point. And then there are shooting stars, which trace a swift and graceful arc across the sky, but once and briefly, their brilliance lingering in the mind’s eye. We wish on shooting stars.