shutterstock_153694589A charitable gift annuity offers an ideal way for you to generously support Daemen College’s future while providing you a lifetime payment.

For example, if you donate cash or appreciated stock to fund a Daemen charitable gift annuity, you will receive fixed payments for life, a partial income tax deduction for your gift when you itemize, and the satisfaction of knowing that the remaining principal in your fund will benefit future generations of students.

Annuity Rate (One Person)
Annuity Rate (One Person)

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Part of each payment is income tax-free throughout your estimated life expectancy.
  • You can also name someone, such as your spouse, as a beneficiary of the payments.
  • Enjoy capital gains tax savings on appreciated securities you donate.

To learn more about potential benefits by creating a charitable gift annuity or to receive an informational brochure, “A Simple Gift that Boosts Your Income,” contact Pat Smith, director of leadership giving, at 716-839-8255 or