Anthony Jones ’01, Esq.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Sport Management

Founder and Partner | The Jones Firm LLP | New York, N.Y.

Anthony Jones is the definition of an entrepreneur.

His entrepreneurial endeavors started while still a Williamsville South High School student when he started working with local DJs in the music business. Later recruited for the basketball team at Daemen College, Jones earned a full scholarship and played as a shooting guard during several winning seasons, including a national tournament appearance.

While at Daemen, his entrepreneurial spirit grew and he started several businesses, which included continuing to DJ while getting involved in music management for some local artists. He saw firsthand the need for legal expertise in the sports and entertainment industry, leading him to go on to earn a law degree from the University at Buffalo Law School.

His work in music management continued to grow during law school and he transformed his artist management business into a record label. One of the first artists he signed was fellow Daemen classmate and hip hop artist Kevin Hannibal. Hannibal received the 2004 U.S. Billboard Music’s New Artist Showcase Award, and Jones helped Hannibal while securing a distribution deal for his record label through SONY.

“Once that entrepreneurial itch was scratched, I knew this was what I wanted to do,” says Jones, noting he collaborated with Hannibal on music and rap performances when they were attending Daemen. “I started my own firm right out of law school so I could focus on what I know best, which is entertainment and media.”

Today, married with a son and daughter, Jones splits his time between Atlanta and New York City, and his practice specialties include entertainment, media, fashion, sports, and entrepreneurship. Without naming names, Jones says he serves a range of clients — authors, songwriters, film producers, actors, and professional athletes, to name a few.

In addition to his practice, Jones is an adjunct faculty member at UB Law School. He is still an entrepreneur, developing several different businesses in the software, healthcare, entertainment, and education fields.

“I think I got my entrepreneurial edge from being told there was no way, and then finding a way to do it,” Jones concludes. “Most attorneys don’t start their own firm right out of law school. I had already developed a client base through my record label and other businesses, so I knew I could do it.”