Emily Buzzard ‘18,‘19

Undergraduate/Graduate Major: Social Work Hometown: Ransomville, N.Y.

Emily Buzzard’s engagement in a myriad of opportunities and experiences at Daemen College have fueled her passion in the social work field as she looks ahead to affecting positive change in the lives of others.

How would you describe Daemen in three words?

I would describe Daemen as limitless, supportive, and engaging.

Why did you decide to study social work at Daemen?

Daemen immediately stood out to me during my college search in high school. The campus was small, friendly, and welcoming. The social work faculty was also very supportive and saw more potential in me than I originally did. I decided to continue on into the advanced standing MSW program at Daemen because I knew the value of the education that I would be receiving.

How have your studies helped prepare you for your career goal?

The academic foundation that I have received from my studies has already been put to the test at my field placement in the Erie County District Attorney’s Office. I am able to confidently work with clients and practice the skills that I have learned in the classroom. These experiences have allowed me to expand my knowledge and understanding and also have given me the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field.

What do you like most about attending Daemen?

At Daemen, none of my goals are too far out of reach. The amount of support and guidance that I have received from the staff and faculty is unbelievable. Every step I take is in the direction of reaching my professional and personal goals.

How has your involvement in campus activities and other opportunities enriched your college experience?

In addition to being named a Trustee Scholar and an Honors Program student, I have had the opportunity to participate in a service learning experience in the Dominican Republic, take part in National Collegiate Honors Conferences, serve as a student representative on the Social Work Advisory Board, and many other activities. All of these experiences have added to the value of my education and have given me precious memories that I will be able to look back on after graduation.

What is your professional/career goal?

My professional goal is to become a child trauma/mental health therapist in Western New York. It’s inspiring to know that I can have the ability and skills to make a positive and lasting impact on someone’s life. That chance to make a difference is what drives me and fuels my passion for the field of social work. Photo by