Rebecca Volmy
Undergraduate Major: Biology/Pre-Med Major
Hometown: Lockport, N.Y.

Rebecca Volmy feels right at home at Daemen College with the tight-knit campus community, strong faculty connections, and family who have also attended the college. Drawing on her educational experience and involvement in a range of campus activities, she has honed her skills and talents for the next step in pursuing her dream of becoming a neonatologist.

How would you describe Daemen in three words?

I would describe Daemen as a community, advanced, and diverse.

Why did you decide to attend Daemen and pursue a biology/pre-med degree?

I wanted a college that would give me the same sense of closeness that I had when attending private schools from elementary through high school, and also where I would be recognized as a person rather than a student ID number. Being accepted into Daemen’s 4+4 medical program also heavily influenced my decision to attend the college.

What do you like most about attending Daemen?

I really admire the student-professor interaction at Daemen. As a student, I have developed great relationships with many of my professors. Daemen faculty are always eager to help, share advice, and just be there for their students.

How have your studies helped prepare you for your career goal?

Attending Daemen with my brother, who is now a graduate, and my sister has had a very positive influence on me. The extra family support on campus and enjoying classes or free-time together is something that not many college students get to experience. For that, I am very grateful.

What kinds of activities, clubs or sports have you been involved in at Daemen? How have these activities enriched your college experience?

I am serving as president of Daemen’s Pre-Med Club, vice president of programming for the Student Association, vice president of the Dance Team’s E-Board, correspondence officer for the Student Alumni Ambassadors, and on the women’s track and field and bowling teams, among other activities. These extracurricular activities have enriched my college experience by giving me the opportunity to be more involved on campus. As an active member in so many areas on campus, it gives me a voice that can speak on behalf of the student body.

What is your professional/career goal?

My professional goal in life is to become a successful neonatologist. Having always loved children, I feel very drawn to a profession where I can focus on providing medical care to infants, who bring so much joy, happiness, and strength to those who are in charge of their care. I want to have that experience every day.