Himdeep Singh ’19
Undergraduate Major: Natural Science/Biology
Hometown: New Milford, Conn.

Honors Program student Himdeep Singh had a clear vision for what he wanted in a college and had no doubt Daemen College was the right fit for him. A high-achieving student, Singh received a prestigious Transfer Trustee Scholarship and is a recipient of the Dr. Peter A. Siedlecki Endowed Scholarship Fund for Honors Program Students. As he contemplates a career in medicine, the Connecticut native is flourishing at Daemen and enjoys the diverse community.

How would you describe Daemen in three words?

Daemen is dynamic, riveting, and diverse.

Why did you decide to transfer to Daemen?

I have hearing loss and knew that I would thrive in a smaller institution. From my participation in a Daemen campus tour and discussions with admissions counselors, the college felt very welcoming to me. In addition, I wanted the opportunity to work with the natural science faculty and learn from their experiences in the field.

What do you like most about attending Daemen?

I enjoy exploring different avenues for my career goals as well as opportunities to deepen my understanding of life. I have interests in and outside my major, and I appreciate the support of my professors in exploring various subjects.

How are your studies preparing you for your professional goal?

My professional goal is to be competent in medical science and to learn about the medical field. My studies provide me with different perspectives and potential career paths I can explore in medicine.

What does it mean to you to have received a Transfer Trustee Scholarship and the Siedlecki Endowed Scholarship?

Receiving these scholarships means the world to me and I am deeply grateful. Because of these scholarships, my education is more affordable.

Who has had the most positive influence on you at Daemen?

Dr. Jonathan Good was instrumental in easing my transition to Daemen as a transfer student. He was very resourceful, and I enjoyed his classes. I liked his teaching style, and I felt like I was genuinely learning rather than memorizing the material.

What kinds of activities have you been involved in at Daemen? How has your participation enriched your college experience?

I have been involved with the Drawing Club and Game Club to meet people outside my major, and I have also written for Insight, the student-run newspaper. Over the summer, I worked on campus in orientation, leadership development, and conference services. I always enjoy meeting people with various beliefs, interests, career goals, and philosophies. These experiences allow me to deepen my individuality and to be a part of a diverse community.