Alec Karcher

Major: History and Psychology Major
Hometown: Lancaster, N.Y.

Trustee Scholar Alec Karcher has had a lifelong connection to Daemen College and is proud to be carrying on the family legacy at his mother’s alma mater. Immersing himself in the college’s close-knit community, Karcher’s passion for learning, strong ambition, and interest in exploring new opportunities has led to great success at Daemen.

How would you describe Daemen?

Daemen is full of opportunities and passionate faculty and is the perfect size for an engaging, personalized, and robust education.

What kind of an impact has your family connection to the college had on you as a student?

My mother, Cynthia Karcher, is a 1998 graduate and a 2014 Distinguished Alumni awardee. I spent much of my childhood on campus attending alumni events as she was active with the Alumni Buffalo Chapter and National Alumni Board of Governors, and those she worked with in this role became like a second family to me. Through Daemen being so ingrained in my upbringing, I recognized the college not just as an institution of higher learning but as a community.

Why did you decide to study history and psychology at Daemen?

Originally entering Daemen as an undecided major, I had the opportunity to explore several areas of study that I found fascinating. The passion and encouragement of both the history and psychology faculty, along with my interest in these disciplines, led me to my double major. All my professors have demonstrated an unparalleled excitement and dedication to what they teach, which has made me want to learn.

What do you like most about attending Daemen?

What I like most about attending Daemen is that each student’s “story” is so personalized and unique. It seems as if many students have been impacted by the support of one another in our Daemen community. This is a testament to not only our college but those who are a part of it.

What did it mean to you to receive a Trustee Scholarship?

Receiving a Trustee Scholarship was a great honor and showed that those at the college saw a boundless passion and potential in me. I have a personal commitment to never faltering in upholding this honor by being as studious and diligent as I can be.

How did studying abroad impact you?

I will forever be grateful that I participated in the study abroad experience in Poland and for the scholarships that I received to make this opportunity possible for me. I made lifelong friends during this three-week experience, which included going to Warsaw, Kraków, and Przemyśl. I really enjoyed exploring new cities, and also had some of the most humbling moments of my life going to sites such as Auschwitz.