The First – Ever Equity Summit

Shatorah Donovan

Stressing togetherness, community, and action in the face of inequality and deficits in social justice, the inaugural Daemen Equity Summit showcased the wide-ranging talents and viewpoints at the college.

The summit’s sessions created conversations that showed “how vulnerability makes us stronger and helps us find comfort in speaking to each other,” said Tiffany Hamilton, chief diversity officer. “Open communication is brave and promotes progress.”

Shatorah Donovan, chief diversity officer for the City of Buffalo, delivered the keynote address.

  • 4 alumni presenters
  • 37 student attendees
  • 90% strongly agreed presentations helped them learn more about diversity in the Daemen community
  • 90% said they would attend future Daemen Equity Summits
  • 90% would recommend a summit to peers and/or colleagues

Alumni Presentations

A Look Back at our Daemen Forum | A Panel Series

  • 5 new panels released
  • 215 registered attendees
  • 72 attendees for the Power of Social Media panel
  • 657 YouTube views
  • 33 panelists
  • 60 panel questions
  • 6 Alumni Board meetings
  • 47 student attendees at the college’s Business Mentor event

New Traditions

Continuing a now-established tradition unique to Daemen, the sixth ALHANA (African, Latinx, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American) ceremony celebrated the achievements of the college’s racially and ethnically diverse graduates in May.