Students standing in front of a mountain in Costa Rica
Students standing in front of a mountain in Costa Rica
During trips to Costa Rica in 2003, 2005, and 2008, Daemen biology students learned about Costa Rican natural history, its role in biodiversity conservation, and how it has developed its ecotourism industry. By completing environmental service projects while in Costa Rica the students participated directly in activities linked to sustainability

Daemen College is offering is the first degree program in Western New York that presents a curriculum focused on educating students on sustainability concepts and how they can be applied to modern communities. The new interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree in Global and Local Sustainability will prepare students for the twenty-first century by developing problem-solving skills while addressing current sustainability issues.

Students can choose an area of concentration from several options: the liberal arts; business; health care studies; or education. The program will be supported by the extensive network of partnerships established by Daemen College Center for Sustainable Communities and Civic Engagement. Students, working with community leaders and residents, will integrate coursework in developing practical solutions to community problems to promote the social, environmental, and economic well being of communities around the globe.

“Coursework in sustainability will provide an important understanding of the social, political, economic and environmental factors influencing sustainable communities,” noted Dr. Brenda L. Young, Ph.D., LEED AP, and Professor of Biology.

“An integral part of this program requires students to apply their knowledge while working on sustainability issues in local and global communities,” added Dr. Young, who is Director of Daemen’s Global and Local Sustainability Program.

The degree will help students to understand the concept of place and the connections between people and their natural, built, and social environments. The program will prepare graduates to pursue an increasingly wide range of careers, as well as bring a new set of skills to traditional careers. Some of the many options will include: sustainability officer for companies or a non-profit organization; environmental product testing; marketing and sales of environmentally-friendly products; social justice law, consultant, or community planner; global health educator; grant writer; media and communications project manager for community agriculture initiatives; and broad employment by corporations committed to sustainable practices.

Students who are interested in the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree in Global and Local Sustainability should contact the Daemen Admissions Office, (716) 839-8225, (800) 462-7652, or online