Matt and Valerie

Matt and ValerieMatt McGrath, ’87

Humanities, Philosophy and Religion

Valerie (Vacanti) McGrath, ’87

Physical Therapy


How they Met

Matt and Valerie met during their freshman year at a social event in the Daemen “Rat” (Rathskeller) dining area. As students, Matt played on the men’s basketball team and was editor of the Ascent, the campus newspaper, and Valerie was active in student government and with the Student Association. The couple was engaged in 1988 and were married in August 1989.

Favorite College Memory Together

Matt and Valerie have many favorite memories, including attending concerts and air band competitions at Daemen. They also have fond memories of seeing Buffalo Music Hall of Famer George Doran at Broadway Joe’s, with Matt joining Doran on stage to play harmonica for two Neil Young songs.

Where are they Now?

Residing in Fairport, N.Y., they are the proud parents of Matthew, 25, Maria, 22, also a Daemen graduate, and Katherine, 18. Matt is currently a school resource officer in the Canandaigua Police Department and an investigator at Sieger Services Group, Inc. Valerie serves as director of the aquatics therapy program at F.F. Thompson Hospital.