Ashley Cheff '16

Ashley Cheff '16Bachelor’s Degree: Political Science
Graduate Major: Public Health
Hometown: Niagara Falls, N.Y.


How would you describe Daemen in three words?

Personable, supportive, and professional.

Why did you decide to attend Daemen College?

I chose Daemen College because I like that it is a small-size school and has faculty who are very dedicated to their students. I visited many colleges, but when touring Daemen I felt very comfortable and safe, and immediately noticed everyone was friendly and they knew a lot of students on campus.

What do you like most about attending Daemen?

After completing my undergraduate degree in three years at Daemen, I decided to continue on at the college for graduate studies because of the outstanding support and guidance faculty have given me in achieving my goals and encouragement to strive for greater excellence. (Editor’s note: Because Ashley graduated in three years with her bachelor’s degree, she is eligible to continue as a student-athlete at Daemen.)

How have your studies helped prepare you for a career?

As someone seeking a career in policy, analytical skills are vital. My studies have developed my analytical skills to a higher level and have taught me to be open minded. I have been pushed to ask questions and seek answers, even if they are difficult to find.

Who has had the most positive influence on you at Daemen?

Dr. Serife Tekin, assistant professor of philosophy, has influenced me significantly during my time at Daemen. Her classes pushed me to think differently about a wide variety of ethical issues that come up in everyday situations, and she gave me a better philosophical understanding of issues faced by those with mental health issues. Dr. Tekin has also helped me to turn my passions into attainable career goals and has pushed me to keep working toward those goals.