Dolores Attea Sapienza

Dolores Attea Sapienza,

for inspiring others to reconnect with their alma mater.

Dolores Attea Sapienza
(L-R) Lumeshwar Kumar, Dolores Attea Sapienza, Lindsey Kreuzer

As a member of the second graduating class of Rosary Hill College (now Daemen College), Dolores Attea Sapienza has given her all to her college family for more than 50 years. She began her alumni involvement soon after graduating in 1953. Even a stint in the USO in Norfolk, Va., and a tour of Europe did not keep her away from supporting the college.

Sapienza was instrumental in planning with former President Mary Angela Canavan the 25th anniversary of Rosary Hill College in 1972. She later used that same drive and passion to plan the 50th anniversary celebration alongside former President Martin Anisman.

“I’ve always appreciated the gifts Rosary Hill College gave me and that’s why I give back,” says Sapienza. Today, Sapienza sees the benefits of the years of giving her time and talents most vividly in the Student Alumni Ambassador program.

“I am proud that we have such creative and wonderful students following in our footsteps. They are like my family,” says Sapienza. “By supporting this outstanding college, I am helping students achieve their college dreams.”