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Distinguished Leaders logoCongressman Brian Higgins and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor were the first featured speakers in the newly established Daemen College Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series, which brings top government and public officials to campus to share their unique perspective on critical state, national and international issues.

Higgins kicked off the lecture series with an exceptionally insightful and inspiring discussion on the latest international, national and regional issues, including the ever-evolving peace effort in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East; advancing America and its ideals; and growth and development in Western New York, an effort he’s spearheaded with a number of initiatives.

In the second lecture, Cantor, a leading proponent of school choice, addressed education, health care and other pressing national issues in the House Republican Party’s four-point policy agenda. The sixterm Virginia congressman talked about reducing health-care costs, offering an alternative to and repealing the Affordable Care Act; job creation and boosting the economy; finding ways to deal with the middle-class squeeze; and expanding opportunities for young Americans through the expansion of school choice.