Wall Sign main 5-2015a IMG_3446A newly installed decorative stone wall gracing the front of the Daemen College campus will be extended to include more of the front perimeter of the college. President Gary A. Olson announced in early spring that the Amherst Historic Preservation Commission has approved the college’s proposal to extend the wall to along the west front of college grounds, past Curtis Hall, which is designated an historic landmark in Amherst, and down to Daemen’s Getzville entrance.

“Over the last two years, the college has made an especially concerted effort to demonstrate that we are an integral part of the Amherst community,” said Daemen President Gary A. Olson. “The new wall and other campus beautification initiatives help create a beautiful, park-like space available to be enjoyed not only by the Daemen family but also by the local community-at-large.”

The wall was paid for entirely by donors who contributed funds specifically for the project. No college funds were used.

In another improvement, a new front entrance sign featuring an updated, more visible look has been completed at Daemen. Like the wall, the two-month signage project has been paid for entirely by donors.

The modified signage, which is in the same location and has the same dimensions as the previous sign, matches the stone used in the new wall. Energy efficient LED lighting and new lettering makes the sign more visible. Signage to match the look of the one at the college’s front entrance will also be installed at the corner of Main Street and Getzville Road.

Wick Lobby Renovations 4 BRITEAlso on campus, renovations have been done on the Wick Campus Center lobby, including a new rug emblazoned with the Wildcats logo, new furniture in the lobby seating areas, a charging station, new lighting, and freshly painted walls.

“The lobby has a refreshed, modern look with a distinctive Daemen feel. Located in the center of the hub of student activity, we’ve created an inviting gathering space where students can socialize, study or relax while on campus,” said Dr. Greg Nayor, vice president for student affairs and dean of students.

Done in partnership with the Daemen Student Association, the lobby renovations follow the installation of a new front desk. Student artwork has also been added to the lobby walls.

These efforts dovetail with other recent campus beautification improvements that have been done at Daemen, including the planting of new trees, upgraded landscaping, installation of decorative stone benches around campus and a new fountain in front of the Wick Campus Center, elimination of unnecessary campus signs, and planters placed to prevent parking in certain areas.