Graduate Major: Physician Assistant
Studies Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Caitlin Clarkin, an ambitious, high-achieving physician assistant studies major, has embraced the many opportunities offered at Daemen College. Seeking a way to enhance her experience in the PA field, she immersed herself as an intern in neurosurgery at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the first institution in the world to focus exclusively on cancer research. As she prepares to finish her final year of studies at Daemen, Clarkin has been inspired by her internship and has set her sights on a PA career in neurosurgery or neurology.

How would you describe Daemen in three words?

I would describe Daemen as close-knit, student-focused, and rewarding.

Why did you decide to attend Daemen and pursue a physician assistant studies degree?

I decided to pursue a PA career because I love working directly with patients, and the flexibility of the PA profession gives me lots of options. I interviewed at a lot of schools but I was really excited about Daemen’s Honors Program and the reputation of the college’s PA program.

What do you like most about attending Daemen?

My favorite part about attending Daemen is being involved with the Honors Program. The academic rigor of the program has encouraged me to push myself in my research and presentation skills, and has given me the opportunity to develop professional relationships with my professors outside of the classroom.

How did your internship experience at Roswell Park Cancer Institute prepare you for your professional/ career goals?

My neurosurgery internship at Roswell Park Cancer Institute really prepared me for my clinical year and future career by giving me experience in the operating room, clinic, and the lab. I learned so much from my peers, patients, colleagues, and supervising physicians about genomics, pharmacology, anatomy, and surgery. The professionals I had the opportunity to work with were incredibly knowledgeable and encouraged me both in the hospital and in my own research pursuits.

Who has had the most positive influence on you at Daemen?

My Honors director, Dr. Matthew Ward, has been one of the many faculty members who has helped me thrive here at Daemen. He was my chemistry professor my first year, and he has been a constant source of encouragement and support ever since.

What is your professional/career goal?

I plan on pursuing my PA career in neurosurgery, neurology, or aerospace medicine.