Dr. Joseph Gravino ’13,’15

Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Sciences and Doctor of Physical Therapy

Co-Owner | Elite Spine and Extremity Physical Therapy | Buffalo, N.Y.

Dr. Joseph Gravino is focused on providing value-based health care.

Co-owner of Elite Spine and Extremity Physical Therapy in Amherst, Gravino founded the practice with Dr. Michael Brown, assistant professor of physical therapy at Daemen College. Striving to provide health care that is measured by the value provided to the patient, their practice focuses on individualized, tailored care provided in a one-on-one setting. This unique approach of assessment and treatment allows Gravino to assess the entire patient rather than one particular injury.

The physical therapy center uses several approaches, including Pain Mechanism Classification, a biophysical approach, and Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT).

“Beyond looking at conventional measurements such as range of motion and strength, we assess a patient’s lifestyle, what they do for work, and other factors to determine the best course of treatment,” says Gravino. “This patient-centered approach may require additional time in the initial assessment, but it can result in a more efficient and effective recovery.”

Gravino says the MDT approach is embedded in the physical therapy program at Daemen, where his passion for learning began. The human relations aspect of the approach struck a chord with him and fit his desire to want to help people. As a Daemen student, he had Brown as an instructor, and the professor continually challenged him to work hard in the program. Gravino’s hard work was noticed and he received Daemen’s Class of 2015 Faculty Recognition Award.

Before starting the physical therapy center with Brown, Gravino was affiliated with other physical therapy practices in Western New York. It was their shared philosophy on treating patients more holistically that led to their physical therapy partnership last year.

Gravino says Elite Physical Therapy works with patients of all ages, often treating individuals who have not had success with other methods. Given their style of evaluation and treatment, the physical therapists often uncover other things that may be contributing to the patient’s pain such as family issues, work stress, or other problems in life.

Gravino and Brown’s practice had its one-year anniversary in January and it continues to grow with support from area physicians, gyms, and fitness centers that recognize the benefits of their patient-centered philosophy. Gravino also is an adjunct faculty member at Daemen, instructing a course in kinesiology, the study of the mechanics of human body movements. Also, Elite Physical Therapy is offering its first internship to a Daemen PT student.

“I am so blessed that I can help people in my work, and I owe that to Daemen College,” Gravino concludes. “I take great joy in mentoring and helping students, sharing the knowledge I gained in school and in the field.”