Wildcat Media & Entertainment has undergone an extensive rebrand and is now known as The Wildcat Media Team, the official student-led media team of Daemen University. To continue the legacy of the organization and solidify their vision, “for students, by students,” the team was given a place to plant roots, finding a home under the university’s Department of Marketing & Communications.

L to R Emily Weaver, Heather MacKay, Crystal Buchanan, Tron De Freitas, and Sharde Johnston.

Founded in 2021 by Jevon Jordan, a graduate of Daemen’s Alfiero School of Business, the organization was established with the mission to create and sustain a fun and inclusive community on campus through media and entertainment and was grown while embracing artistic expression and content that celebrated diversity and inclusion, promoted campus activities and told student stories.

“The changes are what we need to preserve the initial idea of Wildcat Media and make sure the culture we create lasts after we leave.” said Crystal Buchanan, one of the original members of the organization, “I am excited about how much further we will expand while being under the Marketing & Communications Department.”

The team will continue to focus on student driven content with Jordan’s original mission still at heart, which was to give incoming students an opportunity to make Wildcat Media their own and nurture its evolution for years to come.

“What Jevon created with a small group of students was truly visionary and an invaluable asset to the university,” said Jessica Brass, communications specialist at Daemen and administrative supervisor of Wildcat Media Team. “Watching the students pivot into a place that will cement the organization’s legacy and embrace this change has been incredible. Each member of this team brings a unique perspective and voice. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish.”

You can follow Wildcat Media on Instagram @wildcatmediateam