The Campus Care Team

The start of any semester often creates the perfect storm of stresses and challenges for college students. At Daemen University, the Campus Care Team is here to help students navigate that storm.

Debbie Dimitrovski, director of accessibility services, Sabrina Fennell

Co-Chaired by Dr. Kerry Spicer, assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students, and Sabrina Fennell, assistant vice president for student success, the Care Team was created to help and

support students by intervening early in student crises. The Team receives and acts upon reported incidents of behavior, often submitted by faculty related to student academic performance, but also

reports covering a range of other issues that can involve any member of the campus community.

Greg Nayor, Ph.D., senior vice president for strategic initiatives, founded the Care Team program about eight years ago, building on best practices designed to help foster student success and support the Daemen community.

Malik Albert, assistant director Arthur O. Eve HEOP, Dr. Kerry Spicer

“Our approach is to help students with their college experience and address problems before they happen or turn into a crisis.”

Dr. Nayor explains, “They have a better chance of success if we can connect them with the right resources early and help with whatever obstacles they face.”

Dr. Spicer notes the team consists of representatives from the university’s academic programs, housing and residence life, diversity and inclusion, athletics, counseling, and other departments. “We’ve put together a diverse group of professionals that enables a holistic approach to helping students, looking at the big picture of what might be going on, and directing them to the right resources,” she says.

Dr. Greg Nayor

Sabrina Fennell points out the Care Team is available to help all members of the Daemen community, including undergraduate, graduate, and online students, as well as faculty and other staff members. Faculty, staff, and students can submit a report at any time they are concerned about the health and well-being of an individual, and all reports remain strictly confidential. Fennell says “Our goal is always what is best for the student or campus community member in keeping them on course for success.”

The Care Team meets regularly throughout the academic year to discuss issues and concerns with students and determine best strategies for helping. “The Care Team aligns with Daemen University’s mission to develop the whole student and support their growth and success,” concludes Dr. Nayor. “The key word is care – every member of the Team is passionate about their role in helping the Daemen community.”