Founding Dean of Arts, Sciences, & Education

Stabilize, strengthen, and grow – these are the words that form the foundation for the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan through the year 2026. As a part of that vision for the future, the university created three colleges, bringing together the departments and programs in studio arts, humanities, social sciences, education, natural sciences, and mathematics. After an extensive national search this past spring, Dr. Heather Maloney-Stassen, then director of the Communication Studies program at Cazenovia College, was announced as the founding dean for the College of Arts, Sciences, & Education (CASE).

As dean, Stassen is responsible for establishing strategic priorities for the new college and advancing the liberal arts mission of the university.

“One of my first priorities is to work with faculty to continue the academic rigor that defines Daemen and leads to overwhelming success for our graduates,” said Stassen. “At CASE, we strive to give students the opportunities to meet learning outcomes through our student- centered approach, collaboration, and promoting academics from a place of inclusivity, equity, and respect for learning differences.”

These are lofty goals for any educator. Thankfully, Stassen is well-suited to provide strong leadership at such a critical time. Boasting an impressive resume, which includes faculty appointments at Syracuse University and Hamilton College, Stassen is a communications scholar, analyzing public culture and rhetoric by trade, who intimately understands the world of liberal arts education. She earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Ohio Northern University; a Master of Science in Communications from Ithaca College; and a Doctor of Philosophy in rhetoric and public culture from Ohio University.

The new general education curriculum, which is under Stassen’s purview, helps to provide the necessary foundation students need to thrive.

“The importance of an education grounded in the liberal arts cannot be understated,” said Stassen.

“Our new general education program provides the needed skills while also allowing students to pursue their own areas of interest.”

At her core, Stassen is an educator who wants to see students succeed.

“I love the process that starts with an idea and then seeing the first students walk across the stage with a new program on their diploma and knowing that we made a pathway for them to pursue their passion and career goals.”