Dr. Kino Quashie ’13 has attended many universities throughout his academic career but considers Daemen to be the institution that launched him into the education field. After graduating in 2013 with a bachelor’s in childhood education/special education (grades 1-6), he went on to earn his master’s in special education from the University of Pennsylvania and a dual master’s in administration and supervision from Brooklyn College. Recently, he completed his doctorate in education at Concordia Portland School of Education.

While attending the University of Pennsylvania, he was recruited by Teach for America in Greater Philadelphia to work on providing an equitable education for all children. He then returned to his hometown of New York City to work for the public school system as the dean of students for the middle schools. Since 2017, he has worked for the High School for Global Citizenship in Brooklyn, working his way up from special education liaison to his current role as assistant principal. Much of his work is centered around utilizing the skills he gained from the education program at Daemen.

“I am in the industry of service, and also students, so being able to connect both of those pieces is a burning passion I have,” said Quashie.

Quashie believes that students’ success is greatly influenced by their teachers, and he works hard to advocate for teacher improvement, recognizing teachers have the most direct impact. Through a college and career class, students can seamlessly transition out of high school and into college. This class is designed for seniors to help with their onboarding application process, FAFSA, and personal statement.

Many students may graduate and leave the NYC area, but Quashie always invites them back “home.” He actively recruits alums by giving them job opportunities as teacher assistants in the classrooms, where they can work directly with students who need additional support.

Quashie recognizes it takes a team to make an impact on the lives of students. Each day he’s motivated by knowing that he makes a difference.