Institutional Advancement at Daemen University is reimagining alumni engagement with a renewed focus on providing opportunities for graduates to feel like their experiences are worth sharing while also making an impact. The new program, aptly called Alums with Purpose, is dedicated to empowering its students to achieve success in their careers and in their communities. This program is designed to provide intentional engagement opportunities that meet the critical initiatives of the university while also providing meaningful, informed alums.

One of the primary ways that Alums with Purpose supports the mission of Daemen is through its recruitment efforts. As prospective students consider their options for higher education, they often look for guidance and support.

Once students have enrolled at the university, the program will continue to support their educational journey. Through a range of engagement opportunities, alums can help to enhance the student experience, support student life and activities, and help to build a strong sense of community on campus and abroad.

Vice President for Advancement Dr. Mario Hicks noted, “The Alums with Purpose program provides a platform for alums to share their experiences and insights with these prospective students, helping to encourage them to choose Daemen University as their educational home.”

By supporting a student’s personal and academic well-being, alums can help ensure that they stay engaged and motivated throughout their time at Daemen. This can include mentorship, networking opportunities, and other resources that help students to build the skills and connections they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

Alums with Purpose is the vital next step in bringing Daemen alums and students closer together by providing intentional engagement that meets the critical initiatives of the university. This program helps to support the success of current and future students alike. Alums play a critical role in the ongoing success of Daemen University, and this program empowers them to have a positive impact on the university and the broader community.

To learn more about the Alums with Purpose program, you can email Director of Alumni Relations Emily Kraft Hockwater at