We are Daemen University.

The announcement of this milestone brought together a standing-room-only crowd of students, alums, and supporters in Rosary Hall – the same building where our institution started 75 years ago.

In many ways, the Daemen of today is a reflection of many of the values and mission of our founders – seven brave nuns with the Sisters of St. Francis who were dedicated to providing pathways to education and personal attention to each student, excellence in teaching, and a belief in the power of knowledge to help others.

This issue of Daemen Today celebrates our history and the values that have remained constant since our establishment on July 31, 1947 as Rosary Hill College.

Our 75th anniversary is a time to reflect on how far we’ve come together, and the progress taking shape at the university.

Perhaps there’s no finer recent example than the proposed Daemen University Shatkin College of Dentistry. Announced in April – with plans to open in the fall of 2023 – the institution

would become just the second in Western New York to offer a doctorate in dentistry. Stay tuned for updates, as national accreditation and state approval processes progress.

In the pages ahead, you can learn more about the proposed dental college (pg. 6), our new university status (pg. 4), and other exciting initiatives – as well as recent national honors and distinctive accomplishments by our faculty, students, student-athletes, and alums.

We’re also proud to share a few stories of the people of Daemen – they are who make this institution so special and always have.

In fact, as we look back on our seven-plus decades, it’s easy to be struck by the warmth and generosity of the Daemen community over the years. It’s been a hallmark of this institution from the very beginning.

As we celebrate our 75th in the year ahead, please stay in touch; we’d love to hear from you – and see you on campus.

We hope that this issue continues to find you safe and healthy.

Forever Daemen,

Gary A. Olson

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