Buffalo Business First

The year 2020 uncovered that Daemen College specializes in programs that lead to 25 of the top 32 careers named on Buffalo Business First’s recent hottest jobs in Western New York list, making the college’s academic offerings and degrees among the most advantageous to graduates in the region. The college’s depth and breadth of exceptional programs include majors, specialized minors and concentrations, and pre-professional programs that can put students on the career path to top occupations that have ample job opportunities, impressive salaries, consistent pay growth, and strong future prospects in the Buffalo Niagara region. 

The top 10 percent on the newly released list, which includes the 32 occupations with the highest overall scores based on Buffalo Business First’s rating system, received five stars. Daemen programs can lead to some of the hottest WNY occupations, including the top five jobs on the list – financial managers, veterinarians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and purchasing managers. Other professions that Daemen’s programs can prepare its graduates for include biological technicians (No. 14), operations research analysts (No. 21), social workers (No. 27), and physical therapists (No. 29), among many others. 

“Daemen offers many opportunities to enrich the academic experience, including our unique +PLUS Pathways that add a professional component to a degree that will prepare a student for many of the highest rated jobs in our region,” said Dr. Michael Brogan, senior vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college. “Through academic and experiential learning experiences, +PLUS Pathways is designed to fit the interests of the student and helps them build the skills and talents that will give them the chance to pursue careers in some of the hottest WNY occupations.”

As Daemen continues to build on its academic strengths and enhances the learning experience for students, the college’s range of academic programs, such as physician assistant, physical therapy, pre-vet, business administration, MBA, data science, biochemistry, and more, provide students incredibly bright prospects in the most desirable occupations on the hottest jobs list. 

Buffalo Business First rated 310 major occupations based on the latest local data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. To be rated, the occupation must have had at least 100 employees in the Buffalo metro area in 2014 and at least 100 local employees in 2019, and complete local U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics datasets from 2014-19. 

Ratings were based on opportunities, including employment ratio and growth and location concentration of jobs in the occupation; pay level – average annual pay and median annual pay; pay growth – growth in average annual pay; and future prospects – US growth in employment. ninterests of the student and helps them build the skills and talents that will give them the chance to pursue careers in some of the hottest WNY occupations.”