Memorial plaque on Daemen Wall

Daemen hosted a very special dedication ceremony on Oct. 23 to honor Estelle Siegel and her late husband, Bernard, for their generous support for the construction of a decorative stone wall that beautifies the front and west end of campus. In recognition of the Siegels’ generosity, Daemen has installed a plaque acknowledging their support that made the stone wall possible.

Long-time Williamsville residents, the Siegels owned the first automated car wash in the area and also built a successful real estate business. They have been donors and friends of Daemen for many years, and Estelle remains connected to, and engaged with, the college.

The Siegels’ legacy at the college will be showcased for generations to come through the decorative multi-tiered wall that their support helped build. The stone wall, which extends across the entire front of campus on Main Street and down to the Getzville Road entrance, was completed as part of a three-year campus beautification project. The wall addition included matching stone signs at the campus’ three main entrances to provide a cohesive and elegant look.

The Siegels also contributed to ongoing beautification efforts by purchasing commemorative trees that were planted across the campus. Their investments in Daemen continue to enhance the aesthetics of the campus grounds.