For the past 20 years, Diana Alvarado has been at the helm of Daemen University’s Print Shop, making sure operations run smoothly and that everyone receives quality orders on time.

Initially hired as production assistant in 2003, Alvarado quickly rose to her position as supervisor where she oversees the entire department. As printing technology advanced over the past two decades, so did Alvarado’s knowledge and skills.

Her duties range from managing production and purchasing supplies, to printing and designing promotional materials for Daemen employees and off-campus clients.

“Overall, I have 34 years of experience in the printing industry and I’m always learning new ways to meet current demands. Almost everything I know is from hands-on learning,” said Alvarado.

Looking back, Alvarado recalled there were no color copiers on campus and her department had just acquired its first poster printer.

Now, she operates three color units, two poster printers, and a printing press, allowing the Print Shop to produce anything from business cards to full promotional booklets for Daemen departments, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

“I encourage my staff to discover new ways to diversify our offerings. If we can’t do something in-house, I will assist any client in finding a vendor who can help. I enjoy thinking outside of the box and coming up with creative solutions for clients.”

During her tenure, Alvarado said Daemen has been a place to learn, grow, and develop for not only herself, but her family as well.

Her daughter, Salina Alvarado ’21, earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Daemen and is now working as a registered nurse in an area hospital. Studying abroad in Zambia was a highlight of Salina’s time as a Daemen student, which helped her learn how cultural and developmental differences can impact healthcare, said Alvarado.

Meanwhile, Alvarado’s son, William, graduated from Princeton with a bachelor of arts degree in chemistry and is currently a master’s student in Daemen’s Physician Assistant Studies (PA) Program.

“William was drawn to Daemen because of its reputable PA program, as well as his familiarity with the campus,” said Alvarado. “He, as well as my daughter, participated in many summer programs on campus throughout their childhood. Daemen feels like our home away from home.”

In addition to spending quality time with her children and husband of 27 years, Alvarado enjoys crafting custom painted and wooden decor in her spare time.

“Whether it be with my role at Daemen or my side business, I have a passion for channeling creativity into my work,” she said.