Recently, Daemen has made great strides within the digital universe. The social landscape that lives on our handheld devices carries the ability to reach the masses with ease.

While providing authenticity and keeping it fun, our social media presence is now on point with current trends, engaging with the content our audience wants to see, and providing prospective students a peek into what life would be like as a Wildcat.

Not only is social media easily accessible, there are no limits on the amount of content the university can pump out. This makes social media a realistic, low-cost option to combine with other marketing tactics for a comprehensive strategy to reach potential students.

Effective Influence

Since July, Daemen’s net audience growth is up 79% across all platforms and engagement has surged 44%.

Instagram has seen a mini-revival of its own with net audience growth of 201%, an engagement rate increase of 83%, and a video view increase at a staggering 761%. TikTok audience growth is up 241%, engagement has soared to 574%, and video views are up 252%.

Daemen’s cyber profile is looking bright and fresh-faced for the future. In the ongoing search for information and students looking to a university’s online presence more and more, Daemen is ready to meet that gaze by continuing to build engagement, fostering interactions, and updating profiles regularly to show up in relevant searches.

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