Where you can connect and shop to support your college community!

Small business is at the heart of every community and Daemen is no different! During the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are being impacted heavily. Decreased foot traffic can weigh heavily on small businesses that may rely on it to keep the doors open. That’s why Daemen’s Office of Alumni Relations has created the Alumni Virtual Market, an online space to showcase alumni owned businesses, and their products and services. It’s another easy way to support your Daemen College community!

Discover more at daemen.edu/market and register YOUR business to join.

Black Monarchy

Our magazine cover features Jaelah George, a physical therapy student, who is wearing earrings from Black Monarchy, an Alumni Virtual Market featured business. Phylicia Dove ’15 is the founder and business owner, and is an alum of the Daemen College Leadership and Innovation graduate program.