President Gary A. Olson

With the fall semester now well underway, Daemen College is looking forward to the promise of another exciting year ahead. We’ve welcomed our newest students into Daemen’s dynamic college community as they join our many talented returning students who are continuing their studies at our exceptional institution.

We entered the new academic year with tremendous positive momentum, and we are in a strong position to continue this progress. Since the last issue of Daemen Today, the college has made great strides and marked many achievements. We are also embarking on new efforts and implementing some changes that will create an ever stronger foundation for our college.

Amid declining enrollment trends across the United States, Daemen has worked strategically to attract new students to enhance its already healthy enrollment base. We’ve adapted in positive ways to attract students and to provide them with a top quality, affordable education that will make a vast difference in their future. Daemen’s stable enrollment has kept pace with its growth in educational offerings, targeted programming, campus improvements, student outreach efforts, and its strong presence in the community.

Building and improving Daemen’s physical campus continues as work moves ahead with renovating the old YMCA building, located across the street from our Main Street campus. Once renovations are completed by next fall, the 26,000-square-foot academic and athletics complex will house a fitness center, a completely refurbished gymnasium, classroom and lab space for health-related programs, and faculty offices. This is a major project that will significantly enhance the resources we offer our students and the entire campus community.

To help keep pace with the demand for campus housing, we renovated Canavan Hall this summer to add 19 beds in areas previously used for offices. Even with this and apartments at the nearby Collegiate Village, demand this fall still exceeded available college living facilities, leading to some students temporarily being housed in a local hotel. This housing demand speaks to the engaging, student-centered approach that Daemen students enjoy and are seeking more of by having the full college experience of living on campus.

Beyond this, we’re giving much attention and effort to our campus beautification program. Phase two of the Daemen 100 Tree Challenge is in the works, with more trees and benches to be added around campus, and we have made a number of other improvements to spruce up our already attractive campus. If you haven’t been to Daemen lately, I encourage you to stop by for a visit to see all the improvements that we have made to make our campus more inviting and comfortable for our college community and guests.

Perhaps some of our proudest recent successes as an institution have been the special recognition Daemen has received. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Great Colleges to Work For” honor is a notable national distinction that places us among the top 10 small four-year college workplaces in the country. You can read more about this and other recent top honors in this issue of Daemen Today.

Many of you have given back to Daemen in many different ways that have contributed to our success, growth, stability, and perseverance during very challenging times in higher education. You have demonstrated your belief in Daemen and our students. Because of you, the foundation of an even brighter future for Daemen is being built today.

Our students work extremely hard, both in and outside the classroom; their families work hard to support their college dreams; and we are working hard to help ensure that our students succeed. I want to thank each and every one of you for all you have done for Daemen.

Go Wildcats!

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Gary A. Olson